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Lighten sensitive places

Lighten sensitive places

 Many women are ashamed to raise their hand or that a person sees the dark places in her body, but this problem can be solved with natural prescriptions at home that can help to lighten dark places while continuing and not being lazy, and you will get a result with continuity.

Lighten sensitive places

Sodium bicarbonate

It is important to utilize this blend to make a thick batter, place it in a dull and touchy spot, let it dry totally, and afterward wipe it gently, and afterward dry the skin subsequent to cleaning.


 We take thin slices of potatoes and rub the armpits and sensitive places for 10 minutes, then wash the places with lukewarm water.


 We bring a number of cucumbers, squeeze them, add the appropriate lemon juice to the quantity, cucumber juice, and add a little turmeric to them.

Lemon brightens skin and eliminates dead skin.

Cucumber likewise brightens and eliminate hints of turmeric.

This mixture is a very effective treatment method without any side effects.

  And for daily use.


 This mixture consists of: a yogurt box - 2 tablespoons of flour - 2 tablespoons of milk - a tablespoon of honey bee - a tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Stir these ingredients well and put them on the areas that you want to whiten

Yellow saffron

 Bring some milk with some strands of saffron. Mix saffron with milk and maybe leave it for some time until it melts with the milk as required We use this mixture on all places, and it is better to use it at night until the morning to make use of this time as much as possible by givin  Impressive results.

 We also benefit from the benefits of milk and the properties of saffro  As long as possible Then wash off in the morning.

Soft loofah and brown sugar

 We need some lemon juice with adding an amount of brown sugar and stir well and put on dark places and leave for a quarter of an hour .. Then it is rubbed gently and this is a very excellent work for peeling safe skin.


 As you know that lemon is a strong acid and it has a very effective effect in whitening the skin, so lemon is used to whiten sensitive areas, just rub these areas with lemon, then put a powdered starch on it for half an hour, then rub the starch and apply honey to these areas and leave it for half an hour  Then rinse these places, to get excellent results from this mixture, you must maintain it daily for three months, but you will notice the difference after one month.