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How to enlarge the lips

 ways to plump and enlarge the lips naturally at home

 Most women want beautiful lips, so we found that using lipstick, lip gloss, or lip balm showed interest in their lips.  But, in fact, this is not enough to attract beautiful lips.  Plump lips are the most attractive lips currently, because there are cosmetic methods for making lips full by using botulinum toxin or using cosmetics in malls.  The latter is expensive.  There are many ways to use natural and home ingredients to get beautiful and plump lips, which we will mention in this article.

enlarge the lips

Honey :

 Honey is also an excellent skin moisturizer, simply apply honey to your lips for 20 minutes daily, and you will get a great result within a short period.

Vaseline and cinnamon:

 Mix Vaseline with cinnamon, and let the mixture rest for five minutes, then put the mixture on your lips, repeat this process regularly and you will get an effective result.

Peppermint oil:

  Mix peppermint oil with Vaseline, and use it daily as a lip balm, and you will get a wonderful result in a short period.

Coconut oil, cocoa, and almond oil:

 Mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with 1/3 tablespoon of melted cocoa butter and 20 drops of sweet almond oil, apply the mixture for two days, and you will get a great result.

Sugar and water:

 Mix a small amount of sugar and water, after obtaining a dough, rub it on your lips, and repeat this process once a week.


 Massage lemon juice on your lips, to remove dead skin chips, oils and dirt from it, leave it to dry, then wash it, this is one of the best remedies to get naturally bigger lips.