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Eyelashes lengthening

 Many people want to have thick and long eyelashes because they make the eyes look more beautiful and attractive. Routine care for proper eyelashes makes them healthier, and some simple home remedies can also be used to promote the growth of eyelashes and increase their thickness.
Eyelashes lengthening

Olives and lemons:

 Soak the lemon peel in the oil for 12 hours, then take the oil and apply it to the eyelashes at night and leave it until the morning, apply this mixture daily to feel the difference.

Natural oils to lengthen eyelashes:

Make a point to utilize regular oils that broaden eyelashes, including castor oil and eucalyptus oil. Put a limited quantity of castor oil or eucalyptus oil in the palm of your hand to warm the oil, at that point plunge your fingers in the oil and back rub your eyelashes. Be mindful so as not to let the oil enter your eyes to keep away from disease.

Honey and almond oil:

 Mix oil with honey, put the mixture in an old, empty mascara box, then apply it to your eyelashes for two consecutive days, then you will see the difference

petroleum jelly:

Use oil to help the surface of the oil jam and make it simpler to utilize. Put the oil jam on the eyelashes with an old mascara brush, put it down around evening time and wash it off in the first part of the day. Rehash this combination three times each week.

cold water:

 Wash your eyes with cold water daily.  Because cold water refreshes the eyes and eyelashes, and reduces the feeling of inflammation or redness in the eye.

Castor oil with dates:

 Take the dates of the pasta and burn them on the fire, then grind them and mix them with castor oil, put them in an empty mascara package, and put from the mixture before bed for a week to get amazing results.