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Treat chapped lips

Treat chapped lips

Yogurt and honey:

 Mix a teaspoon of yogurt and honey to get a treat for chapped lips.  Apply blending to your lips daily and you will get rid of cracks.

Sugar helps get rid of chapped lips, simply take a teaspoon of sugar and olive oil, or you can use sweet almond oil for your choice.  Rub the mixture gently on your lips daily and you will get rid of lip cracks.


  Honey is one of the most popular remedies for treating chapped lips. Put honey on your lips before you go to bed, and rinse it off the next morning.  Repeat this process daily.

Lip balm:

 Use lip balm every day to protect against damage to your lips.  Apply a natural lip balm, especially in the winter, to avoid chapping and to get moist lips.


  Mix one tablespoon of yogurt and two tablespoons of honey mixed well, then apply the resulting mixture to the lip area and around the mouth and leave it for a quarter of an hour, then rinse your face with cold water, and it is preferable to repeat this recipe on a daily basis for fourteen days.


  Add a spoonful of starch powder to an appropriate amount of warm water and mix the mixture well, until its consistency becomes similar to cream, then put the mixture aside to cool and then apply it on your lips and leave it to dry completely, then bring a towel wet with a little cold water, and remove the mixture with it, after that rub  Your lips with lemon peel.

Olive oil and honey:

  Rub your lips with a small amount of olive oil, then put a little powdered sugar on top, then leave the mixture on your lips to dry completely after that, put honey on top and leave it to dry, then rub your lips with Vaseline, then apply this recipe three times a week before you go to sleep.

Almond oil:

 Rub your lips with a small amount of almond oil and massage it in circular motions, as the massage helps improve blood circulation and exfoliate dead skin that causes blackening of the skin.