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Uses of shea butter for skin and hair

Uses of shea butter for skin and hair

What is shea butter
It is a yellow-colored fat that is extracted from the chia tree by crushing, boiling and 

It has many uses, and women use it frequently in cosmetics and skin care. It contains medicinal properties and is used by the African population, which is cooking as a kind of useful vegetable oil.
And shea butter is used in skin care as follows.

Shea butter and face:

This is done by cleaning the face completely from impurities and cosmetics using the appropriate lotion for the type of skin or medical soap, and if you do not know your skin type, you can refer to the dermatologist and tell you about your skin type and its own cleanser and then dry the face from the effects of water and put an appropriate amount of shea butter on the face With a simple massage from the bottom of the top to tighten the skin and not sag for 10 minutes, and we are keen to stay away from the eye area. This moisturizer is recommended for owners of dry skin. It will give impressive and .beautiful results

Shea Butter, Wrinkles, and Lines:

We also knew that shea butter works as an excellent moisturizer and gives high hydration, which helps the disappearance of simple lines and wrinkles on the face with continuity and regularity, as an appropriate amount is placed on the place of wrinkles twice a day in the morning and before bedtime with a face massage from the bottom to the top and if the wrinkles on the forehead are in The middle of the eyebrows is preferable to fill in unwanted lines with shea butter for better and faster results.

Shea butter and hair:

This is done by bringing a small amount of shea butter and melting it on the fire to become liquid and mixing it with a quantity of coconut oil or olive oil and placing it on the hair from the roots to the ends of the hair with circular motions in the scalp so that the mixture penetrates the hair and moisturizes it well and leaves on the hair for half an hour or so An hour and a wash. This mixture .can be done as a .cream bath, and the .hair is covered, wrapped well and washed afterwards