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Recipes for body scrubs

Recipes for body scrubs

 It is very important to know that body exfoliation is one of the best ways to get rid of dead skin, subcutaneous pimples and annoying pimples. It is a simple and uncomplicated process and in the end the body is refreshing and healthy, free from allergies, irritations and dark spots. To exfoliate .the body

, you will need a natural scrub made of natural materials and a soft fiber or peeling gloves that work on dry peeling before starting the process of peeling and preparing the body for peeling and finally, a body moisturizing cream used after the completion of the peeling because peeling causes dryness to the body somewhat. And to know the natural recipes for body peeling as follows:

Lemon, honey and sugar:

This mixture is very useful for the skin, as it is on the one hand exfoliating the body and on the other hand moisturizing and on the other hand lightening the body which is: -


1- One large lemon

2-3 spoons of honey

3- A large hanging olive oil

4- Sugar, preferably very coarse

How to prepare:

Squeeze the lemon and put it in a bowl, then put all the ingredients mentioned above, and mix them with each other, we use the loofah to clean the dry to prepare the body for peeling where peeling on dry skin gives better results than wet peeling or on the body wet so we must not lose sight of this step, this step Helps get rid of dead skin.

We scrub the body in a circular way with the scrub that we have prepared, starting from the feet and going to the abdomen and arms, for a period of 10 minutes. Then we wash the body with lukewarm water. This process is repeated once a week.

Coffee and sugar:

This mixture is one of the best ways to exfoliate the body and it can also be used for the face.

Coffee is rich in antioxidants, sugar helps get rid of dead skin, olive oil or coconut oil helps moisturize the body and give it smoothness.

The method of the recipe is:

Ingredients :-

1-3 small spoons of coffee

2-5 tablespoons of coarse sugar

3- Two tablespoons of olive oil

4-3 capsules of Vitamin e

How to prepare:

In a bowl, put sugar, coffee, olive oil, and vitamin e and mix until it becomes a coarse texture and put this scrub and massage the body in circular motions for 10 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water and moisturize the body with a moisturizing cream to soften and brighten the skin and repeat the process once a week.

Coconut oil and sugar:

This scrub is not only peeling, but it also helps to lighten and soften the body significantly. The recipe method is:


1-3 small spoons of coarse sugar

2- Two tablespoons of coconut oil

3-A small tablespoon of lemon juice

How to prepare:

In a bowl mix sugar and olive oil until we get a dough before showering. Apply this scrub on the body and rub it for 10 minutes with circular motions.

Then wash it with lukewarm water and after washing the body moisturize with a light moisturizing body cream.

Tips for a perfect peeling process

Choose the right peeling ingredients

This is the main article for minimizing ingredients for exfoliation, as an exfoliant for exfoliating, as an exfoliant and resealer, as a true exfoliant, and as a natural, healthy exfoliant you can use sea salt and raw sugar for the rest of your body.

Pick the right time of the day to exfoliate

Exfoliating at the end of the day is the best time to exfoliate, as it can help remove traces of make-up, dirt, and dust that have penetrated deep into your pores. From another point of view, exfoliating our skin in the morning is more effective, because our skin tends to repair itself overnight. So use a gentle scrub in the morning to make room for new skin cells, but do not go out of the house in the day without applying sunblock, as the skin will be sensitive at this time after peeling

Apply the number of times you need to exfoliate your skin without adding or decreasing it

There are sources that claim that daily peeling is completely safe to apply it on a daily basis, and there is another view that says that you should not exfoliate more than twice a week. But the correct thing is that this depends on the type of skin and oily skin may require at least 3 peeling times per week, while dry skin can suffice with one peeling session per week, and it also depends on the type of peeling, as gentle peeling can be performed daily for oily skin and 3 times a week for normal skin.

Exfoliate your skin before removing the excess hair

Exfoliate your skin before removing the hair, and this will take place one day. This will help remove the hair under the skin completely and give you smooth and silky skin.

Moisturize your skin before exfoliating

Yes, you may think this is not true, but you will get a much better result. Hard hair may be difficult to remove, but soft hair is easily removed, but we recommend that after moisturizing you leave your skin for an hour and then exfoliate the skin.