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Masks to lighten and soften hands

Masks to lighten and soften hands

 All women of the world dream of a beautiful, unified and soft hand by following a routine or a
 description. The following is a presentation for you of diamonds for hands and their results are impressive, fast and effective

The best hand-whitening masks:

Potato mask
Potato is one of the good lightening factors
It is useful for getting rid of dark circles, and also the potato contains natural starch that helps to lighten
Bring a boiled potato and mash well and add a spoon of honey to it and leave the mixture on your hands clean for 20 minutes, then rinse well

Tomato mask:

Tomatoes are vegetables full of Vitamin C and work effectively to lighten the skin
Bring a medium tomato with half a lemon and a little rose water and mix them together and wipe the hand, face and neck with a soft brush so as not to injure the face and neckneckAnd leave them for 15 minutes, rinse with water, then moisturize the hands and face with the appropriate moisturizing cream

Coffee Mask:

You can mix a tablespoon of coffee with a tablespoon of honey and rub them on your hands for 15 minutes.
The hands are washed well and this mixture can be used as an exfoliant for the hands and face of dead skin and dark spot.

Bicarbonate Sodium and Lemon Mask:

Determine this is the strongest mask and scrub at the same time. Immediate and noticeable lightening from the first usePut a medium suspension of baking soda and squeeze a whole lemon of medium size. The mixture will react and form bubbles, and then place it on the hand for 20 minutes with rubbing and place your hand inside a plastic bag, rinse and moisturize your hand with a moisturizing cream.